Visit the city of Agra with the customizable same day Agra tour

Visit the city of Agra with the customizable same day Agra tour

Visit the city of Agra with the customizable same day Agra tour

There are a lot of tourists who think that TajMahal is the only tourist destination the city of Agra has to offer, and they are not to blame for this since all the other tourist attraction of the city of Agra are not that popular as compared to the TajMahal.

if you are someone who is planning to visit the city of Agra in a Same Day Agra tour by car then a bit of knowledge about the tourist destinations you can visit in this city would be helpful in choosing which place you would want to include in the package, since in the same day Agra tour there are limited places one can explore.

So here a list of tourist destinations one can visit in the city of Agra aside from the TajMahal:

Agra Fort: Located at the bank of Yamuna river just 2.5km away from the TajMahal, the Agra Fort is the second most popular tourist attraction of the city of Agra one can visit in their same day Agra tour by car. This gigantic monument is considered one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and is filled with a lot of beautiful gardens and mosques. Inside this tomb you are sure to feel like you have transported to the old mughal era time. It was initially built for housing an army but later it was enlarged and beautified to be used as a prison for the Shah Jahan.

MehtabBagh: this beautiful garden is located just opposite to the tajmahal. It is called a paradise for the Photographers as they can capture some of the best shots of TajMahal from this place.

FatehpurSikri: This old abandoned Mughal city is yet another UNESCO world heritage site and the formal Mughal Capital. This place is filled with the buildings which are made by the old and long-forgotten architectural style. If you are a history lover than this place is a sure treat for you.

Chini-ka-roza, Itmad-UD-Daula, Taj Nature Park are other few destination one can visit in the city of Agra in the same day Agra tour.

Usually in thesame day Agra tour by train the TajMahal, Agra Fort, and fathepurSikri are covered but if you want you can customize it according to your preference and include other destinations or remove some destination.

After visiting all of the places you can forget to go on the evening streets bazaars of this city. You can purchase many cool handmade artifacts, Mughal style carpets, leather bags, and purses and a lot more these bazaars are ideal places to buy souvenirs. Even if you are not planning to buy anything traveling around these street markets is also an excellent way to spend your time in the beautiful city of Agra.

One last tip which I want to give you is that if you are visiting Agra for the first time then while choosing the travel advisor to make you sure you perform a background check and choose a genuine travel advisor. There are a lot of individuals posing as a tourist guide without any qualifications these individuals just want to take advantage of the boom in tourism. If you want to get the most out of your Agra tour then be sure to choose a genuine travel guide.